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Those who want to make enquiries about AI may wish to check and/or contact:

AAAI - The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) is a professional organization that promotes research and development in AI. Their website has information on conferences, workshops, and other events related to AI.

AI Ethics Lab - AI Ethics Lab is a research institute that focuses on the ethical implications of AI. The website provides resources, tools, and research papers on AI ethics.

AI for Everyone - AI for Everyone is a course on Coursera that provides a non-technical introduction to AI. The course covers the basics of AI, its applications, and its implications for society.

AI Trends - AI Trends is a website that covers news, trends, and developments in the field of AI. The website provides articles, interviews, and analysis of AI-related topics.

arXiv - arXiv is an online repository of research papers in various fields, including AI. Their website has a section dedicated to AI research papers, which you can search and browse by topic.

Coursera - Coursera is an online learning platform that offers courses on a wide range of topics, including AI. Their website has courses on AI and machine learning, taught by experts from top universities and companies.

DeepMind - DeepMind is a research organization that specializes in AI and machine learning. Their website has a blog, research papers, and other resources on AI, as well as information on their latest projects and initiatives.

Facebook AI - Facebook AI is a division of Facebook that focuses on AI research and development. Their website has research papers, blog posts, and other resources on AI, as well as tools and frameworks for building AI applications.

Google AI - Google AI is a division of Google that focuses on AI research and development. Their website has research papers, blog posts, and other resources on AI, as well as tools and frameworks for building AI applications.

IEEE Spectrum - IEEE Spectrum is a publication that covers emerging technologies, including AI. Their website has news articles, opinion pieces, and in-depth features on AI and its impact on society.

Kaggle - Kaggle is a platform for data science and machine learning competitions. Their website has a community of data scientists and AI enthusiasts, as well as datasets, tutorials, and resources for learning AI.

Machine Learning Mastery - Machine Learning Mastery is a website that provides tutorials and resources on machine learning and AI. Their website has articles on various topics, including algorithms, frameworks, and applications of machine learning.

Microsoft AI - Microsoft AI is a division of Microsoft that focuses on AI research and development. Their website has resources on AI, including tutorials, tools, and frameworks for building AI applications.

MIT Technology Review - MIT Technology Review is a website that covers the latest news and developments in technology, including AI. The website provides articles, analysis, and opinion pieces on AI-related topics.

OpenAI - OpenAI is an AI research company that aims to ensure that AI benefits humanity. The website provides access to research papers, AI models, and tools that can be used by developers to build AI applications.

TensorFlow - TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning platform developed by Google. The website provides tutorials, guides, and documentation on using TensorFlow for building and deploying machine learning models.

The AI Podcast - The AI Podcast is a series of interviews with experts in the field of AI. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from machine learning and deep learning to natural language processing and computer vision.

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AI Enquiries: Google Results & Bing Results.


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AI Hallucinations - When an AI tool makes inaccurate statements about subject matter that it hasn't specifically been trained for. It might make up information, or reference non-factual data such as research projects that don't exist. This is expected to be less of a problem over time as inaccuracies brought to the tool's attention can be corrected.

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